Sprucing Up my BBC Master

Submitted by Ben on Thu, 09/01/2016 - 21:50
BBC Master and other things!

We've been in our new house for a few months now, so it's high time that I made use of my study room and started doing some retrocomputing! My BBC Master which was packed away as a result of space concerns has been pulled out of storage, but is in need of some serious sprucing up. Thankfully, RetroClinic are on hand to help! With that in mind, I'll be doing the following to it....

  • Replacing the old transparent panel, which is looking a bit the worse for many years of wear in the school it must have started in.
  • Fitting a new battery pack - the Master takes a CMOS battery pack which eventually runs out and needs replacing, unless you enjoy entering about twenty config commands each time you turn the machine on. I've bought one - it's on its way - I'll update on this when it happens.
  • Adding a OS select switch - this just arrived from RetroClinic, and I'll be fitting it soon. Will perhaps post a video once it's installed?
  • Perhaps, perhaps, bleaching the case. The yellowing is pretty severe, so I may have to buy some hair bleach (or "RetroBrite") from Tesco and give it a good seeing to..

There are plenty of other bits and things that I'd like to do. I just bought an Electron, and I'm looking to install Econet in the room at some point.....