Cascade 50: Star Trek?

This is one review in a series of reviews where I step through the (50?) games on the Cascade 50 Games Cassette. This classic collection was released in 1983 - the high number of games necessitated very little tape space per game, with "hilarious results". I'm reviewing the games on the BBC B version of the tape - although it appeared on a number of other formats, including the C64 and Spectrum. A lot of the games appeared to be unique to each format.

Submitted by Ben on Wed, 07/31/2013 - 15:11

Okay, now game number four ought to be something else, but my “tape” has obvious faults on it, and I’ve been struggling with the dreaded “Rewind Tape” message, eventually something loaded. Here it is!

Star Trek?

Oh, good god it’s a Star Trek game. Right, well let me be honest. I could work out how to move, but I couldn’t figure out how the in-game “maps” related to the coordinates I was entering, and I had no idea if I had come across any Klingons. No idea. It just felt like I was moving around at random (in this delightful text mode interface so reminiscent of our last game) and nothing was happening!

Also, someone forgot to put the equivalent of an “Else” into the menu system, so if you press return without entering a command, the game quits. Brilliant work guys!

This is another dog of a game! Something good next please!

On a more serious note, I hope this isn’t the only tape image of the BBC Cascade Cassette floating around the internet, because it’s pants.It seriously makes me want to start a digital archive devoted to tape images. It’s so much more fun when you have to sit through the loading process like back in the day, it’s the only authentic way to do it, and if all the tape images are borked, no-one will be able to do it.