Cascade 50: Space Mission

This is one review in a series of reviews where I step through the (50?) games on the Cascade 50 Games Cassette. This classic collection was released in 1983 - the high number of games necessitated very little tape space per game, with "hilarious results". I'm reviewing the games on the BBC B version of the tape - although it appeared on a number of other formats, including the C64 and Spectrum. A lot of the games appeared to be unique to each format.

Submitted by Ben on Mon, 07/29/2013 - 15:06

Alright! This was the first true stinker that I’ve encountered! This is a one-button game where you have to hit the space bar before a random number generator decides that a planet has blown up. If enough fuel has been loaded before you hit space, your rocket flies off the top of the screen. I’m guessing that this game could randomly kill you at any point.

As you can see, I turned it off pretty quickly, as it’s barely even a game! Ah, well, this is the beauty of the Cascade Cassette 50!