Cascade 50: Maze Eater

This is one review in a series of reviews where I step through the (50?) games on the Cascade 50 Games Cassette. This classic collection was released in 1983 - the high number of games necessitated very little tape space per game, with "hilarious results". I'm reviewing the games on the BBC B version of the tape - although it appeared on a number of other formats, including the C64 and Spectrum. A lot of the games appeared to be unique to each format.

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 14:55

Okay, right! So let’s go, I’ve chosen the BBC Micro version of the Cascade Cassette 50, loaded it into my tape drive, *TAPE, and LOAD"“.

First up, is, apparently, "MAZE EATER”:

Maze Eater

Hmm, okay, this looks moderately familiar. It appears to be a very basic version of Pacman, with no pills, and tiny flickering graphics. Actually, it did keep me playing for all of two minutes, so it’s not an entire waste. Sadly the gameplay doesn’t seem to go much beyond the stilted, slow movement around this maze, and the ghosts appear to have an AI system which only allows them to move towards me in the most obvious way, I think it’s a shortest-path algorithm.

That said, they nailed me once there were about four of them. Sadly, not engaged with this one, so on to the next game tomorrow…..