Cascade 50: Galactic Dogfight

This is one review in a series of reviews where I step through the (50?) games on the Cascade 50 Games Cassette. This classic collection was released in 1983 - the high number of games necessitated very little tape space per game, with "hilarious results". I'm reviewing the games on the BBC B version of the tape - although it appeared on a number of other formats, including the C64 and Spectrum. A lot of the games appeared to be unique to each format.

Submitted by Ben on Fri, 08/02/2013 - 18:35

What the? What fresh hell is this? For the love of all that’s holy!

Cascade 50 - Galactic Dogfight

Okay, I’m really starting to believe that Cascade have made a point of interspersing stinkers with playable(ish) games. I was going to call this a steaming pile of ordure, but there’s not enough here to make a pile. It’s like a very small sample of ordure.

Two ships whizz around the screen (randomly). You have each got one button (for this is a multiplayer game), and when you press it, you fire in all directions.

I struggled with this for all of two minutes before the game informed me “You have crashed”. No “Player 1” or “Player 2”, so goodness knows which of my players won, it didn’t tell me, and the crazy flickering graphics (no waiting for the refresh cycle here!) made it impossible to tell what was going on anyway. Yikes!