Cascade 50: Galactic Attack

This is one review in a series of reviews where I step through the (50?) games on the Cascade 50 Games Cassette. This classic collection was released in 1983 - the high number of games necessitated very little tape space per game, with "hilarious results". I'm reviewing the games on the BBC B version of the tape - although it appeared on a number of other formats, including the C64 and Spectrum. A lot of the games appeared to be unique to each format.

Submitted by Ben on Sun, 07/28/2013 - 15:00

Hi everyone! Here’s a video of me playing number 2, GALACTIC ATTACK! This is a good game! If there are more like this, I’ll have to revise my assessment of the Cascade tape. I originally played the C64 version, which was *alright*, but it could be that as the games were apparently bought from the public via magazine adverts, the BBC version is a little better, as BBC owners tended to be a bit more technical, perhaps?

Anyhow, this is like a sort of 2D version of Star Raiders, it’s clever, and I played it for a bit!